DIN 14620 
Since at least 1959 a standard for beacons is used in Germany and adapted in different rhythms of the new technology. Here is an overview of how the standard has developed. In the with the update of the standard in the year 1992 the DIN 14621 was taken up, it regulated up to then the beam plants.
1976-02 1992-02 2006-03 2023-02
Bulb: Normallight Normallight and
Halogen and
Normallight, Halogen,
Xenon and LED

Typ A
Size:   135 x 255 mm
(< 2kg)
135 x 255 mm
(< 2kg)

Typ B1
Size: max. 160 x 210 mm
(< 4kg)
165 x 210 mm
(< 4,5kg)
165 x 210 mm
(< 4,5kg)
Ø 130 mm

Typ B2
Size: max. 240 x 210 mm
(< 4kg)
240 x 255 mm 240 x 255 mm Ø 200 mm

Typ C

Since 2006-03 the type "C"
is called

Size: max. 360 x 335 mm
(< 8kg)

Typ D The DIN 14621 was with the new edition
DIN 14620 in 2006-03 dissolved and integrated

Typ E In the edition 2006-03 were also the
Integral systems added

Typ F In the edition 2023-02 were also the
Warnleuchtensystem added
  Bild in Arbeit

Typ G  In the edition 2023-02 were also the
Headlight added

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